Recently Read: Midnight Atlanta

I just finished reading Thomas Mullen's latest book "Midnight Atlanta." It is the third of his Darktown trilogy. It is set in Atlanta in the 1956s.

The original two books deal with the creation of Atlanta's black police force. In this book, the main protagonist Tommy Smith, has left the police force and joined a leading black newspaper as journalist. One night at the paper, he falls asleep and wakes up to gunshots being fired. His editor, Arthur Bishop, has been killed and he is now a suspect.

The story follows his search for the truth of behind the murder of his boss. The story also focuses on his old workplace, the officers still there, and his old Seargant.

One aspect of the story that I appreciate is its focus on Atlanta history. It deals with the growing importance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., race relations, and the real estate dealings that shaped the city.

I highly recommend the whole series.