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Clint Rauscher is a multifaceted artist whose creative pursuits include writing, filmmaking, and teaching Argentine tango.

His writing journey began with a collection of smiley face stickers awarded to him by his third grade teacher, Mrs. Sibilsky. Since then, he has written several short stories and is currently working on his debut novel, a mystery set in his home city of Atlanta. Clint's literary tastes are eclectic, but he is particularly drawn to the gritty allure of Southern noir, hardboiled crime fiction, and historical fiction. His writing reflects a deep appreciation for the human experience and an eye for capturing the social and economic complexities of the world around him.

Born in the small town of Milledgeville, Georgia, he moved to the city of Atlanta in his mid-teens. He considers himself fortunate to have experienced life in these two very different environments during his formative years, which has given him a unique perspective on issues such as income inequality, race, and social justice - topics that often find their way into his writing.

When not writing, Clint can be found dancing and teaching Argentine tango throughout the Southeast. In addition to dancing, he has published numerous articles exploring tango's rich history and culture. He is also an amateur genealogist and loves uncovering tales about his ancestors, which he plans to spin into future short stories and novels.

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