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My upcoming schedule:

This Saturday, September 29th, I will be in Birmingham, Alabama for workshops and an evening Milonga:

Macon, GA
Sunday - September 30th

Atlanta, GA
Saturday, October 6th - 2pm to 4:30pm
Tango Lab with a focus on Embellishments!

Knoxville, TN
Saturday, October 13th
Two Workshops and an Evening Milonga

Charleston, SC
Saturday, October 20th
Two Workshops and an Evening Milonga

Augusta, GA
November 2 to 4
Augusta Tango Mini Festival with workshops and Milonga’s?https://www.facebook.com/events/573359703062024/

Charleston, SC
Saturday, November 17
Two Workshops and an Evening Milonga

Columbia, SC
Fri-Sun, November 23 to 25
Workshops, Practicas, Milongas

Knoxville, TN
Saturday, December 8th.
Two workshops and a Milonga

Tango Cruise to the Bahamas?February 20 to Feb 25, 2019?https://www.facebook.com/events/945910738946756/

Submission vs Surrender

I just answered an interesting question about the difference between submission and surrender while dancing in the role of a follower:

I think that the difference between submission and surrender is that submission is forced and surrender is voluntary. But I think of the follower's role as less of a surrender and more as an act of accompaniment. The follower accompanies the leader in the direction, tempo, and even the step the leader proposes, but the follower can still insert their own voice. An active follower can embellish that step or, in some cases, even object to a step or propose a different step.

If there is a surrendering, it happens with both partners. We surrender to each other, to the music, and to the flow of the ronda (dance floor). As a leader, I often surrender to a proposition that I am feeling from my partner. I also surrender to the music and to the other dancers on the dance floor. For example, I might want to lead something large and dramatic, but if I am on a crowded dance floor then I have to surrender that desire for the wellbeing and comfort of the other dancers. 


Tango Ecstasy Cruise to the Bahamas - Feb. 20 to Feb 25, 2019

Contact Clint Rauscher for payment details: clint@tangology101.com

Join us for a fun 5 day Tango Cruise from Charleston, SC to the Bahamas hosted by tango instructors, Clint Rasucher of Atlanta and Mauro Marcone of Houston! We had a group of 47 people go last year, and expect about the same this year!

We will have workshops on the days that we are at sea and milongas each night. Right now the tentative schedule is:

Wednesday - February 20th
Evening: Welcome Milonga

Thursday - February 21st
Daytime: Workshop and Practice
Evening: Milonga

Friday - February 22nd
Daytime: Docked at Princess Cays (Carnival's Private Beach)
Evening: Milonga

Saturday - February 23rd
Daytime: Docked in Nassau, The Bahamas
Evening: Milonga

Sunday - February 24th
Daytime: Workshop and Practice
Evening: Milonga

Tango Ecstasy Cruise Rates
All Prices are based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY! If you want a private room then you will be charged double and the deposit will be double! You can register as a single person either find somone else to register and share a room with OR
 I can help you find a suitable roommate from other single people who have registered!

Type of Room Price
Interior Cabin
185 square feet. Two twin beds (push together for king). Chair. Full bathroom with shower. 3 Closets. Desk. pictures
$675 per person
$150 Deposit (Use Link Below). Then I will send you a bill for 1/2 of the remainder and then the other 1/2 will be due Dec 1.
Oceanview Cabin
185 Square Feet. Two twin beds (push together for king). Chair. Desk. Full bathroom with shower. 3 Closets. Picture window or 2 portholes. pictures
$750 per person
$150 Deposit (Use Link Below). Then I will send you a bill for 1/2 of the remainder and then the other 1/2 will be due Dec 1.
ATTENTION for Rooms Below This Line!!!! Prices and availabilty for these rooms change constantly, so contact me at 404-931-2455 or clint@tangology101.com to check on pricing and availability for you.
185 Square Feet. Two twin beds (push together for king). Balcony w Two Chairs and small table. Chair. Desk. Full bathroom with shower. 3 Closets. Picture window or 2 portholes. pictures
Approximately $1,100 per person
Junior Suite
(2 people sharing room)
220 Square Feet. Two twin beds (or push together for king) and single sofa bed. Sofa and coffee table. Mini-Fridge. Desk and seat. Full bathroom with shower. 3 closets. 30 Square Foot Private balcony with patio and Lounge chairs. pictures
Approximately $1,300 per person
Grand Suite
(2 people sharing room)
330 Square Feet. Two twin beds (or push together for king) and double sofa bed. Sofa and coffee table. Mini-Fridge. Desk and seat. Full bathroom with separate shower and whirlpool bathtubs. Walk-in closet. 70 Square Foot Private Balcony with patio and Lounge chairs. pictures
Approximately $1400 per person

* All of the rates below include your room, taxes, port fees, and tango event fees. These rates are based on double occupancy, so you will be sharing a room with another person. If you already have a friend going and want to room with them, then you can specify that after you signup; otherwise, we will book you with another person of your same gender.


*** Any payments (other than deposits) are 100% refundable until December 1st, 45% refundable up to January 1st, 20% refundable up to January 15th, and 0% refundable after February 1st.

**** If you are traveling with a person that does not dance tango, contact me to discuss rates that do not include tango fees for them.

Payment Due Dates
At this point, all fees are due at registration.

Pay by Check instead of Paypal:
Clint Rauscher
281 Northern Avenue NE
Avondale, Estates, GA 30002

And email me your:

  • Full name as it is on your Passport
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone
  • The name of the person that you will share your room with and their email and phone number OR if you would like me to help find you a roommate
  • The group/organizer code, if you are registering with any local group that is joining us on the cruise.

Other fees you can expect to encounter:

  • Travel to and from Charleston. We recommend that you arrive at least a day early to avoid travel delays and missing the departure time. We might can help you find a place to stay the night before, but can't promise that.
  • Gratuities. Just like with any hotel or resort, gratuities are expected. The easiest way to handle this is through to pay Carnival's built in gratuity of $64.75. They will then take that and divide it up between all those that provided you services. Click here to learn more.
  • Drink packages. Food and regular drinks such as water, tea, and lemonade are free, but alcoholic beverages and sodas are extra. You can pay for them individually or with special drink packages.
  • Excursions. When docked at a port, you can exit the ship and wonder the city on your own, or pay for guided excursions such as snorkeling, sailing, tours, etc.

Group/Organizer Discounts
If you would like to organize a group from your area to join us, email me for details. If you can organize a group of 4 or more, not including yourself, you can get a reduction in your room rate. Sorry, but this will exclude the areas of Atlanta, Charleston, and Houston.

Also, join the discussion and let everyone know when you are registered on the Official Facebook Event Page.

If you have additional questions you can contact Clint at clint@tangology101.com or 404-931-2455.

Videos of Instructors:

Clint Rauscher

Mauro Marcone


Translation of El Ultimo Cafe

The Last Coffee
lyrics by Cátulo Castillo
?music by Héctor Stamponi

Your memory touches down like a tornado,
the autumn sun begins to set again
I watch the drizzle, and as I watch
the spoon stirs in the coffee…

In the last coffee
that your lips coldly
ordered that time
in a sighing voice. 

Visit Poesía de Gotán: The Poetry of Tango to see the rest of the lyrics.


Tanda 63: Pugliese Instrumental Tango from 1944

This week's tanda is a beautiful, dramatic instrumental set by Osvaldo Pugliese.

The first song of this set, "Recuerdo" is considered by many a turning point in the composition of Argentine Tango music. It was composed in 1924 and has a complexity that had not been seen before. There is some debate over who the composer was. It was originally registered by Adolfo Pugliese, Osvaldo Pugliese's father, but Osvaldo said that he gave it to his father to register because his father was having a hard time financially. Apparently, it was later re-registered under Osvaldo's name. Some also say that it belongs to Osvaldo's brother, who left the composition behind after moving away. I would go with Osvaldo's story, since the music sounds so similar to his other compositions. If it was Osvaldo's composition, then he wrote it at the age of 19.

The title means "memory" and the original title was "Recuerdo para mis amigos (Memory of my friends)." Pugliese said that he wrote it in honor of his friends who used to meet at a café called La Cueva del Chancho (The Pig's Cave).

And the other songs in this tanda are just as strong with Pugliese's characteristic flow of melodic tenderness marked with strong punctuations of rhythm.

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Creative Weight Change Part 1 with Cruzada and Parada

Teachers: Clint Rauscher and Shelley Brooks
Song: Solamente Ella by Carlos di Sarli with Jorge Durán 1945
More at: Tangology101.com

The main focus of this class is the idea of having the follower change weight in order to enter into cross system rather than the leader and dancing slowly and elegantly with women taking an active role. Then we added a short figure including a cruzada (cross), with a parada (stop) mordida (bite).