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A Brief History of Argentine Tango by Clint Rauscher and Shelley Brooks

 Version 1.0 - May 2014

The concept of this performance is to show a progression of Argentine Tango from its early days up to today, demonstrating different rhythms, embraces and styles. 
Performance Notes: This was our first time attempting this performance. I finished editing the music on Thursday and we performed it the very next night, at the Spoleto Tango weekend in Charleston, Sc. This performance was completely improvised, Shelley did not even know which songs I had decided on prior to the performance. Since this was our first time attempting this performance, we appreciate any constructive criticism that you might have for making it better. We want to fine tune this concept and perform it again in the near future.

Leg Wraps and Ganchos - Class Demo - Charleston, SC

Clint Rauscher and Shelley Brooks
May 2014
In this demo, we start with the most basic of leg wraps (ganchos), leading her to a side open and stepping into her step to receive the wrap (:14). The primary leg wrap from the class can be seen clearly at :22 and 1:55. It starts with a rebound step and lead her around/over my right leg, creating an opportunity for her to wrap. One thing that we discussed in the class was the technique for the women, to make these safe for the dance floor, is to not extend the leg out after the wrap.. notice at :25, Shelley's knee is bent and goes up instead of out.

Then we proceed to demonstrate more complex wraps showing how they can be used to express the music, such as at 1:17. Two of my favorites are the double wrap at 1:44 and the inside the embrace gancho at 2:00. We also did a piernazo (high leg wrap, above the man's waist) at :45. 

Calesita Q&A

February 2016

In this video, we answer questions about the calesita from emails:
Why does she stay on one leg during the calesita and not step?
Can you walk forward around her during the calesita?
Why does she do a calesita sometimes when I want her to step?

Contralateral vs Unilateral Rebotes (Rebounds) in Milonga

 January 2016

Teachers: Clint Rauscher and Shelley Brooks
In this class, we look at the difference between Unilateral rebounds and Contralateral rebounds in Milonga. Of course, these could also be used in tango or vals. Recently we took a Milonga class with Chicho and Juana and we noticed that often he would execute a rebound unilaterally, where we usually teach them contralaterally. So, we thought it would be an interesting focus for a class on rebounds.
We also look at several interesting variations and adornments.