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If I had only three words to express my Philosophy of Argentine Tango they would be: Passion, Connection and Technique. Of these three, I can only teach connection and technique, while making every attempt to convey my passion for this dance and its music.

From technique we develop clarity. From clarity, we build strong connections. From strong connections, we can fully express our passion.

My primary goal as a Tango teacher is to give my students all the tools necessary to dance exceedingly well and to be able to be the most sought after dancers at any Milonga (Tango Dance Party) from Atlanta to Buenos Aires. My Philosophy of Argentine Tango (Full Version)

What to Expect in our Classes

We teach simple, elegant, musical and playful ideas to be used on the social dance floor from Atlanta to Buenos Aires.

We demonstrate and teach the moves in both open and close embraces and YOU are free to choose which embrace you use during class.

We listen and practice to Golden Age Tango Music during our classes, with the only exceptions being specific exercises or a class which is advertised as dealing with a specific sub-set of tango.

We spend a significant amount of time in each class dealing with Men's AND Women's techniques, as well as musicality.

WE DO NOT TEACH COMPLEX PATTERNS. Anytime you string 2 steps together you have created a pattern, but we do not teach complicated multi-step patterns. The figures we do teach are classic and used regularly on the social floor.

Everything we teach takes 'line-of-dance' and floorcraft into consideration.

We try to give plenty of personal attention. We usually let students dance 2 or 3 songs between group instruction so that we can go around and give more personal attention and allow people to practice what is being taught.

Our classes are appropriate for everyone from advanced beginners to very advanced dancers. We try and give something for everyone. If you came and did not get something very valuable out of our class, I would be very surprised.



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