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Alternative Tanda 5: Pop Vals

This weeks alternative tanda focuses on pop waltzes (vals).  "Hijo de la Luna" is a classic alternative tango song and has a great waltz rhythm for dancing. Sting's "Until" is one of my favorite waltzes to dance to. It is such a beautiful song and has a classic waltz rhythm. "Will You Remember" is a sweet and pretty waltz. Also, a note for DJs, I have trimmed the intro off of "Will You Remember" so that it does not take so long to get to the waltz rhythm.

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Alternative Tango Tandas

Song Orchestra / Band
Feeling Good Michael Buble
Fallin' Alicia Keys
Satisfied Prince
Listen to this tanda  
Do I Move You Nina Simone
Tell Me More and More and Then Some Nina Simone
In the Dark Nina Simone
Cheek to Cheek Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
I Put a Spell On You Nina Simone
I Want Some Sugar in my Bowl Nina Simone
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Come On Over (Turn Me On) Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan
The Truth Handsome Boy Modeling School
Hell is Around the Corner Tricky
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Glory Box Portishead
Only You (French Version) Portishead
2 Wicky Hooverphonic
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Bloodstream (edited at 3:53) Stateless
Until the Morning Thievery Corporation
Talk Show Host Radiohead
Teardrop Massive Attack
Angel (radio edit) Massive Attack
Heat Miser Massive Attack
Cuore Sacro Andrea Guerra
Bloodstream (edited) Stateless
2 Wicky Hooverphonic
I would normally leave "Smells Like Teen Spirit" out.. unless I have already used "Cuore Sacro" in another tanda.
Nothing Else Matters Apolyptica
Smells Like Teen Spirit Mandragora Tango Orchestra
Cuore Sacro Andrea Guerra
Assassin's Tango John Powell (Mr & Mrs Smith Soundtrack)
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Red Right Hand Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Little Drop of Poison Tom Waits
Temptation Tom Waits
Tango Til They're Sore Tom Waits
Stormy Monday Blues Bobby "Blue" Bland
3 O'Clock in the Morning Blues Ike & Tina Turner
The Thrill is Gone B.B. King
Very low energy and a bit depressing.. but good for dancing.
Mad World (Alternative Version) Michael Andrews
My Life Dido
Love Came Here Lhasa de Sela
Another very low energy tanda, but can follow it with a waltz or milonga. Any of these songs can bee put together for a tanda.
9 Crimes Damien Rice
Hallelujah K.D. Lang
Smells Like Teen Spirit Tori Amos
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Cat Power
Everybody Hurts R.E.M.
Fever Elvis Presley

Tango Til They're Sore

Holly Cole
Temptation Diana Krall
Kind of a jazz/swing/blues set. I would use the first 3, unless I had already used "Feeling Good," in which case I would use one of the last two.
It's A Man's World Patricia Kaas
Temptation Diana Krall
Feeling Good Michael Buble
I Put A Spell On You Nina Simone
Blue Angel Squirrel Nut Zippers
Not my favorite set, but for a strickly long alternative milonga, I might play it.
Slippery Sidewalks Bajofondo Tango Club with Nelly Furtado
Bust Your Windows Jazmine Sullivan
Siempre Me Quedara (short) Bebe
This is a set with the feel of Argentine Folk music. I would normally leave the last one off. The middle two are technically milongas, but I think the classic folk music feel is what ties it all together.
Luna Mercedes Sosa
Lo Hermoso Que Fue Pedro Aznar
El Violin de Becho Alfredo Zitarosa
La Cumparsita Silvana DeLuigi
Both of these songs are very long, so I would probably just play the two of them and then go to something else.
Fairly Right Bajofondo Tango Club with Elvis Costello
I Want You Elvis Costello
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Hearts A Mess Gotye
Somebody That I Used to Know Gotye
Boy with a Coin Iron & Wine
Boy with a Coin Iron & Wine
Cornflake Girl Tori Amos
Tango in Harlem Touch and Go
White Lilies Peder
Black Coffee St. Germaine
Fever Peggy Lee
Petite Fleur Chris Barber
This tanda has a middle eastern feel. These are pretty popular with Alternative DJs, but are not my cup-o-tea.
Chaloupée René Aubry
Time 4 Time Nigel Kennedy, Kroke
Meger Candan Ercetin
Usual Happiness Kroke


Alternative Vals (Waltz) Tandas

Song Orchestra / Band
Cantor/Singer Year Type
Listen to this tanda.
La Valse d'Amélie Yann Tiersen     Vals
Les Jours Tristes (inst) Yann Tiersen     Vals
Padam Padam Edith Piaf     Vals
Listen to this tanda        
Hijo de la Luna Mecano     Vals
Until Sting     Vals
Will You Remember? The Cranberries     Vals
Tout le Monde Bruni     Vals
Preservons l'Amour (edited) Mouron     Vals
Analia Cuarteto Almargro     Vals
Fuck Was I Jenny Owen Youngs     Vals
Buonanotte Fiorellino Francesco de Gregori      
French Accordian Quadro Nuevo     Vals
Where Do You Go To My Lovely Peter Sarstedt     Vals
La Valse de L'Amour Edith Piaf     Vals
Padam Padam Edith Piaf     Vals
Simply a Waltz Edith Piaf     Vals
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien Edith Piaf     Vals
Androgyne Quartango     Vals
To Tango Tis Nefelis Haris Alexiou     Vals
Pearl Cirque du Soleil     Vals
Sólo por Miedo María Salgado     Vals
Tango for Evora Loreena McKennitt     Vals
Pearl Cirque du Soleil     Vals
Di Goldene Pave Chava Albertstein     Vals
Di Krenitise (The Well) (edited) Chava Albertstein & Klezmatics     Vals
Ershter Vals Klezroym     Vals
Yumenji's Theme In the Mood for Love     Vals
My Tender and Affectionate Beast Evgeni Doga / Kolibri     Vals
Waltz of the Butterfly Seitkaliyev with St. Petersburg     Vals
Waltz 2 From Jazz Suite Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra      
Palomita Blanca Hugo Diaz      
Guitarra Mia Hugo Diaz      
Amores de Estudiantes Hugo Diaz      
Ilusion de Mi Vida Los Indios Tacunau      
Romance de Barrio Los Indios Tacunau      
Luna de Arrabal Los Indios Tacunau      
Marlene 17 Hippies      
Ungarn-Walzer 17 Hippies      
Gelb Zwo Drei 17 Hippies      
Ein Letzter Tanz 17 Hippies      
Ershter Tants 17 Hippies      
Le Waltz 17 Hippies      
De Cara a La Pared Lhasa      
El Desierto Lhasa      
Ta-Bakiera Kayah      
Ghir Enta Souad Massi      
Dance Me to the End of Love Leonard Cohen      
Take this Waltz Leonard Cohen      
Here are some crazy but fun waltzes. They are only for that late night crowd or practica with dancers that are very adventurous.
Das Grobe Erwachen (...und jetzt...) Annett Louisan      
Buonanotte Fiorellino From Album Ninne Nanne      
La Valse A Mile Temps Jacques Brel      
It's Oh So Quiet Bjork      


Nuevo Bluesy Tango Part 3: Twisty Ganchos

This class covered twisty ganchos (hooks). We start with leading a regular gancho and then give a little extra twist at the moment of the gancho.

We started by discussing that a gancho is a hook and not a kick and that each gancho has several moments:

  1. The Preparation or Initiation - This is when we position our bodies close to one another and the leader makes contact with his upper thigh to the followers upper thigh. The leader is creating an aperature (window) for her to hook through.
  2. The Lead - Then the leader leads the gancho by leading the follower to take a step, but he has put his leg in the way, so she hooks around it. The follower extends her free leg until her upper thigh cannot go back any further and then she hooks her leg around the leaders.
  3. The Resolution - The follower does not automatically exit the gancho. After she hooks around the leaders leg, she waits for him to resolve the gancho. If he were to freeze there, then she would freeze there. This allows for ganchos to be done very slowly or very quickly or with little energy or a lot of energy.

    The leader has two distinct ways of resolving the gancho. He can lead her to take a step or he can straighten the leg she is wrapped around.

FIgure 1: From Forward Circular Boleo to the Open Side (.15 and .25 of Video)
In this figure, we lead a forward circular boleo to the open side of the embrace. While the follower is finishing the boleo, the leader steps behind the follower's right foot with his right leg. At the same time, he is making contact with his right upper thigh to her right upper thigh.  He then leads her back around and she hooks around his right leg. This happens as he is changing weight to his right leg. He then shifts back to his left and straightens his right leg to resolve the gancho.

We also discussed that this gancho can be lead on or off axis. To lead this off axis (colgada) then the leader will extend his right arm during the gancho and twist.

Figure 2: From Forward Circular Boleo to the Close Side (.33 and .43 of Video)
This is essentially the same as above, but it is a bit more tight do to the embrace.

Figure 3: Rebound Gancho (1.08 of Video)
This is not so much a twisty gancho, but it came up during the class. The leader leads the follower to a forward step away from him while stepping behind her. He does this by extending his right arm and then brings her back straight into him. It is really a back inline boleo for her but since he is behind her it turns into a gancho.

FIgure 4: Reverse Gancho with Twist (2.44 of Video)
In this step, the leader leads the follower to a forward cross to the open side of the embrace. He stops her before she collects and steps behind her, makes thigh to thigh contact and then twists to get a gancho. I call this a reverse gancho since she is doing the gancho while moving forward rather than backwards.

Figure 5: Sacada to Twisty Gancho (2.20 and 2.31 of Video)
We did not get to this one during the class, but since we did it in the demo, I will comment on it. The leader leads the follower to a forward cross to the close side of the embrace. He performs a sacada, but instead of going to the leg she is leaving, he steps close to the leg she is going to (her new supporting leg). He then stops her in the middle of her side step as he does a big pivot on his right and steps behind her with his left.

Video Demonstration:


Nuevo Bluesy Tango Parts 1 & 2

This video demo covers two classes.

The first was on finding the middle part of each step and being able to shift her weight back and forth between her legs without resolving the step, until we are ready.

We talked about the fact that each step has 4 parts.

1. We send our free leg

2. We transfer our weight 50/50 in the middle of our step

3. We completely transfer our weight to our new supporting leg (finding our balance)

4. We collect our new free leg.

Many times we skip these moments in our steps and just jump from 1 to 4, falling into steps rather than transferring our weight all the way through a step.

In the second class, we look at forward & back sacadas for the leaders and forward sacadas for the followers. At 2.30 of the video, we also looked at getting a back sacada while staying "primarily" in a close embrace.

Video Demonstration:



Alternative Tanda 3: Electronic Tango (Electrocutango, Otros Aires)

This weeks alternative tanda focuses on electronic tango music. "Felino" is almost a classic of electronic tango and is often used at alternative milongas. I have put it with two songs by Otros Aires, one of the best modern tango bands. The second song mentions the greatest classic tango orchestras  Pugliese, Troilo, d'Arienzo. The final song is a great cover of Pugliese's classic song, "La Yumba."


Alternative Milongas

Song Orchestra Cantor/Singer Year Type
Alternative Milonga Tandas
Fox Trot "Milonga" Tandas
Listen to this Tanda        
Danza Húngara n.5 Enrique Rodriguez Armando Moreno   Fox Trot
Diez Soldaditos Enrique Rodriguez Armando Moreno   Fox Trot
La Colegiala Enrique Rodriguez Roberto Flores   Fox Trot
Por Las Calles de Instanbul Enrique Rodriguez Armando Moreno   Fox Trot
Marcelina Enrique Rodriguez Armando Moreno   Fox Trot
Yo Busco Una Novia Enrique Rodriguez Armando Moreno   Fox Trot
Luna Veneciana Enrique Rodriguez  Armando Moreno   Fox Trot
Alternative Milonga Tandas
Listen to this Tanda        
Al Galope Color Tango     Milonga
Milonga Sentimental Lidia Borda, Estaban Morgado
Brian Chambouleyron
Morena Estaban Morgado     Milonga
I like the first 3 in this set the best... The one with Iggy Pop is completely silly but fun.
Sur O No Sur Kevin Johansen      
Maki Maki Goran Bregovic      
This Is A Film (feat. Iggy Pop) Goran Bregovic      
This is A Film Arizona Dream      
Balamouk Les Yeux Noirs      
Listen to this tanda        
Leonel, El Feo Bajofondo Tango Club      
El Llorón Electrocutango        
Pequeño Paria or Narigon Daniel Melingo      
Milonga Triste Hugo Diaz      
El Lloron Hugo Diaz      
Taquito Militar Hugo Diaz      
The Way You Move Outkast      
19-2000 Gorillaz      
Clint Eastwood Gorillaz      
Petite Fleur Chris Barber      
Fibre de Verre Paris Combo      
Fleur Blanche Orsten      
Summertime (Doin' Time) Sublime      
What I Got (Reprise) Sublime      
Santeria Sublime      
Leonel, El Feo Bajofondo Tango Club Daniel Melingo    
Noche Transfigurada Daniel Melingo Daniel Melingo    
Narigon Daniel Melingo Daniel Melingo    
Electronic Milongas
Leonel, El Feo Bajofondo Tango Club Daniel Melingo    
Mi-Lon-Gone Korey Ireland      
Narigon Daniel Melingo      
Leonel, El Feo Bajofondo Tango Club Daniel Melingo    
Zitarrosa Bajofondo Tango Club      
Tango, Que Misterio Tango Jointz      
Silueta Porteña Trio Garufa      
Milonga Sentimental Otros Aires      
El Llorón Electrocutango      
Rotos En El Raval Otros Aires      
Junto A Las Piedraz Otros Aires      
Leonel, El Feo Bajofondo Tango Club Daniel Melingo    
Milonga Sentimental Metro Tango      
Rotos En El Raval Otros Aires      
El Andén Bajofondo Tango Club      
Mi Corazón Bajofondo Tango Club      
Miles de Pasajeros Bajofondo Tango Club      
El Llorón Electrocutango      
Quisiera Volver a Verte Bailongo!      
Postales Federico Aubele      
Sin Rumbo Otros Aires      
Un Baile Beneficio Otros Aires