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Elegant performance by Jorge and Maria 'La Turca' Dispari.  They are famous dancers and teachers of the Villa Urquiza style of Argentine Tango. He is considered a master of enrosques and she is known for her adornments. Also, she is Geraldine Rojas's mother.

Antonio Todaro and daughter (only footage of him. He was considered the teacher of the teachers)

Puppy Castello and Geraldine Rojas

Nito y Elba en Club Gricel


Osvaldo y Coca Cartery @ El Beso Milonga to 'El Adios' by Edgardo Donato


Carlos Gavito y Geraldine Rojas dance to Osvaldo Pugliese



Oscar and Mary Ann Casas dancing Milonga


Ana Maria Shapira y Rubén Harymbat

Pepito y Gilda 1994 Milonga

Flaco Dani & Silvina Valz

Orlando Paiva and Cristina Benavidez

Facundo Posadas & Maria Jose-Sosa

Tete y Silvia @ Porteno y Bailarin dancing to "Claro de Luna" by Canaro

Hector Chidichimo & Natalia Hills en Club Gricel

Mingo and Esther Pugliese

Rosita y Pocho @ El Beso Milonga

Cristina Ortega y Fernando Hector Iturrieta

Carmencita Calderon y Juan Averna 1 (She is 90 years old in this video)

Carmencita Calderon y Juan Averna dance Milonga

Carmencita Calderon y Juan Averna


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