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These are actual emails that we have recieved from students. We feel very honoured when we can contribute to enhancing people's love of Tango.

Comment on DJ Resources from 11.29.14:

"Hello!I just started DJing in Milongas here in Athens Greece.Your site has proven incredibly helpful.I was very nervous and anxious to do well.Your knowledge and advice proved to be what I needed and I actually ended up having a great time playing music.Not a very easy fit considering the stress I was under.Since your site helped me so much I just really felt I needed to say 'thank you' from the bottom of my tanguera heart."

Comment on Online Teaching Videos from 4.14.14:
"I am a "fan" of your videos.  I started taking Tango in Toronto, Canada just under 2 years ago so I consider myself a very new dancer. However, your style of teaching is fantastic.  I particularly love the above video."

Comment on Plaka and DJing on 8.4.13:
"Thanks for my first plaka experience. DJ Clint is probably one of the best DJs in the region if not the best.. Excellent dancers.. Met several people from near and far from Atlanta. I will be back..."

Comment on our class videos:
"Hello? Clint! I have a dance teacher's degree from a University of Applied Sciences in Finland. As a professional dance teacher, I find your videos highly professional, entertaining and very precise. Finnish culture in social dances is very rich, but I am just beginning my studies in Tango Argentino. A fascinating dance indeed. I hope you continue publishing your excellent videos for all viewer's pleasure!"

Recieved on 7.22.13 after teaching a weekend of workshops in Knoxville, TN
Just wanted to thank you for coming to Knoxville -- we really enjoyed the workshops and especially appreciated your help in the lesson. Of course your performances were awesome! Hope we can get you back to Knoxville before too much longer.

Recieved on 6.24.2013 after teaching at the Mad Hot Tango Festival in Columbia, SC:
"Thank you so much! I know it would have been easy to wright me and my husband off as beginners your valuable time would be wasted on. However, your instruction was detailed and full of the passion that you have for the dance. Thank you."

Recieved on 9.21.2010 after an "Introduction to Tango Workshop" taught by Shelley Brooks and I:
"Just wanted to tell you two how much [we] enjoyed the instruction in Argentine Tango we received from you this past Sunday.  You were both excellent and we really like your teaching method.  While we have taken ballroom off and on for several years and love it, this was our first exposure to Argentine Tango. 

While a number of dancing partners have told me I'm a good leader in ballroom, I found the Argentine Tango very different and difficult to lead and appreciated Shelley's gentle nudges on how to lead and how not to lead.  I did find the dance smoother than I thought it would be and I like the smooth dances.  What really surprised me was just how much [name omitted} enjoyed it.  She has mentioned three days in a row now how much she enjoyed dancing with you, Clint."

Recieved after our weekend of workshops in Knoxville, TN in December of 2011:
"Thank you so much for all that you shared this past weekend. Your knowledge of Argentine tango is coveted by so many here in Knoxville. Your presentation is uniquely gentle, absorbable and fun. We appreciate the extra effort you both gave to each of us in application, the individual pointers, the inclusion of valuable details and the thoughtfulness of your presentation, as well as the vast content."

Recieved after our weekend of workshops in Knoxville, TN in December of 2011:
"Thank you both for the great instruction this past weekend and for the breathtaking demo. It was a memorable two days. Just know your dedication and passion for the dance are appreciated very much. Looking forward to your next workshops."


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