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Traditional Tanda of the Week 50: Troilo with Fiorentino

This week's traditional tanda is a fun set by Anibal Troilo with Francisco Fiorentino singing.

This is a very high energy, rhythmic set. Troilo and Fiorentino were one of the greatest duos in the history of tango and their partnership is often used as the best example of the use of the singer as a true member of the orchestra.Troilo is a favorite of advanced dancers because his music switches back and forth between strong rhythmic sections and more melodic sections.

I normally start a tanda off with the slowest tempo song and then increase the tempo during the set, but here I am doing the opposite. The reason is, hearing the first few notes of "Te Aconsejo Que Me Olvides" tells you exactly what this tanda is. It is going to be fast paced, highly rhythmic and spirited. If that is what you like, then head to the dance floor. If it is too much for you, stay seated, listen and enjoy.

Listen to this Tanda