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100 Level Classes

Our 100 level classes provide the foundational concepts, structure, and techniques in order to progress to our 200 level classes. These classes are broken into the following class sections:

  • Embrace (T101)
  • Walking (T102) 
  • Basic Musicality (T103)

Then we look at what we consider the 5 Essential Figures of Argentine Tango.:

  • Rebotes (Rebounds) (T104)
  • Cruzada (The Cross) (T105)
  • Ochos (T106)
  • Ocho Cortado (T107)
  • Giros (Turns) (T108)

Once you learn these 5 figures, along with a nice embrace, a solid walk, and basic musicality, you are almost ready to go to any milonga (tango dance party) and have an great time. There is just one more thing to learn, The Codes of the Milonga. Argentine tango has its own codes/etiquette for how to interact with others at a milonga. These codes include rules for how to ask someone to dance to how to move on the social dancefloor with the other dancers.

Codes of the Milonga (T109)

And now, you are ready to go to the milonga and have a wonderful time socializing and dancing with other tango dancers.