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Gancho means "to hook" not "to kick." A gancho is when a woman or man hooks their free leg around one of their partner's legs.

  • Basic Ganchos and Linked "El Pulpo Style" Ganchos
    In this class, we look at basic gancho technique and more advanced concepts such as linked "El Pulpo Style" ganchos.
  • Ganchos: Leg Wraps I
    This class focuses on leg wraps. Leg wraps are ganchos which happen during a turn which resolve in the same direction as the turn.
  • Creative Ganchos I: Reverse Ganchos and Twisty Ganchos
    In this class, we examine the basic technique for a gancho and then look at some creative ganchos such as reverse ganchos and twisty ganchos. We also combined the gancho with boleos and colgadas.
  • Leg Wraps and Ganchos - Class Demo - Charleston, SC
    In this demo, we start with the most basic of leg wraps (ganchos), leading her to a side open and stepping into her step to receive the wrap (:14). The primary leg wrap from the class can be seen clearly at :22 and 1:55. It starts with a rebound step and lead her around/over my right leg, creating an opportunity for her to wrap. One thing that we discussed in the class was the technique for the women, to make these safe for the dance floor, is to not extend the leg out after the wrap.. notice at :25, Shelley's knee is bent and goes up instead of out.