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Rhythmic Tango

These classes focus on dancing to the rhythmic music of Edgardo Donato, Juan D'Arienzo, Francisco Canaro, Ricardo Tanturi, Rodolfo Biagi, Enrique Rodriguez and Anibal Troilo. Most of these steps and concepts can also be fun to use in Vals and Milonga.

  • Dancing to Donato Part 1: Crossover Step and Empujadita
    In this class, we focused on dancing to Edgardo Donato. Donato's music is very rhythmic and playful, so we try to express that in the dance. The explored several concepts, but the primary step we worked on starts with a crossover step, the leader going to the open side of the embrace and then switching to the close side with an empujadita.
  • Dancing to Donato - Part 2 - Rebote to Back Cross or Ocho Cortado w Adornos
    The steps that we looked at both start with a rebound (rebote) from stepping outside partner in parallel system. In the first step, after the rebound, I step to the side and enter back crosses. In the second step, after the rebound, I turn and lead a very compact ocho cortado. This ocho cortado takes up almost no space and is sometimes called a "milonguero ocho cortado."
  • The Mirror Step
    This is a fun step for use with more rhythmic tango such as Donato, D'Arienzo and Biagi. We also show some variations of the step.