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Steps for the Social Dance Floor

This series of classes focuses on popular steps for use on the social dance floor. We have compiled a list of popular moves that we have seen used by some of the very best Argentine Tango Dancers. If you travel to Argentina and visit some of the milongas, you will see these moves being used by the Milongueros. Here are some of the criteria we used for putting together these steps:

  • They keep you moving in the line of dance without disrupting others.
  • They are musical and express the rhythm of Argentine Tango.
  • They are full of expression without being flashy or dangerous to others.
  • They feel great to the leaders and the followers.

While these moves are great for tight spaces and crowded dance floors, they also require a high degree of skill, balance and communication between partners.

  • Milonguero Dip and Playful Rebotes
    The “Milonguero Dip” is an embellishment (adorno) to the woman’s forward cross. Whenever a woman is taking a forward cross with her left foot, the man dips down onto his left foot and leads her to a quick counter-clockwise pivot. He then steps back with his right and she steps forward into the close side of the embrace with her right.
  • The Milonguero Dip
    This step is a very famous and popular move in the milongas of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Many, if not all, of the older milongueros perform this step. The joy of this move is in the musicality and the swoosh feeling it gives the followers during the dips (changes of our vertical plane). Everytime I teach this move, it always recieves lots of positive feedback from the followers. They love it.
  • Walking Sacadas to Giro and Enrosque
    In this class, we start by walking with the leaders changing weight without leading the women to change weight. Then we walk and switch to cross system and perform small sacadas as we walk.
  • Giro with Rulo to Enrosque to Sacada to Calesita
    Steps for the Social Dance Floor: Giro with Rulo to Enrosque to Sacada to Calesita Clint Rauscher and Shelley Brooks 10/22/2012 "Motivo Sentimental" by Carlos di Sarli with Alberto Podestá singing.
  • Boleo to Promenade to Parada
    Boleo to Promenade to Parada
  • Front Cross with Change of Direction to Giro
  • Stepping to the Close Side with Dynamic Pivots
    In this class, we show one of our favorite steps. I love the flow of this step, it really feels great to lead and follow. I often describe it as a wave that is flowing over and around rocks. We are constantly going around one another and changing directions.
  • Dancing Slow with Boleo to Cruzada to Sanguchito
  • Demo for a class on Back Boleo from Back Cross Step to Parada/Pasada
  • Walking While Switching Sides and Systems
    This step is part of our Popular Steps for the Social Dance Floor series. The interesting thing about this step is that while walking (caminata) the followers keep switching sides and switching systems (parallel vs cross) during the step.
  • Cruzada with Paradas, Boleo and Sacada
    This is another step in our series on "Steps for the Social Dance Floor." These are steps that should work well on the social dance floor. They compliment the connection between the dancers, their connection with the music and with the other dancers on the dance floor. We originally thought of this step as being an intermediate figure, but later found it was more of an advanced figure, which requires a lot of precision and subtlety. It also includes a nice embellishment for the men after leading the cruzada.
  • Alterations to Both Sides of the Embrace in Tango and Vals
    In this class, we focused on Alterations (or Changes of Direction) to both sides of the embrace. The primary focus was on musicality. The first part of the step is very floaty and smooth, then the changes of direction are very rhythmic and the final part is smooth again. The changes of direction use the quick-quick-slow rhythm.