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Intermediate Tango Classes

These intermediate level Argentine Tango lessons provide foundational concepts and techniques in order to progress to the more advanced ideas of Tango. We will also look at simple figures using the class topic and how to work it into your improvised social dancing.

  • Elegant Tango
  • Ocho Cortado (Cut Ocho)
  • Alterations - Rebounds, Changes of Direction and Changes of Fronts
    Alterations is a concept which includes Arrepentidas, Cambios de Frente (Changes of Front) and Cambios de Dirección (Changes of Direction).
  • Giros (Turns)
  • Boleos
    There are 5 types of boleos (Forward Circular, Back Circular, Forward Linear, Back Linear, Side Linear). Circular boleos involve sending the follower's free leg to wrap around her supporting leg. Linear boleos involve sending the follower's free leg in a linear direction either straight back, straight forward, or straight to the side.
  • Ganchos
    Gancho means "to hook" not "to kick." A gancho is when a woman or man hooks their free leg around one of their partner's legs.
  • Barridas, Paradas, Pasadas
    A Barrida (a sweep, a drag) is the dragging of a partner’s free leg during a Caminata (walk) or Giro (turn). During this series, we will examine the proper technique for leading and following both external and internal Barridas in both open and close embrace.
  • Milonga
  • Embellishments (Adornos)
  • Exploring the Cruzada in Tango, Vals, and Milonga
  • Sacadas
    Here is a list of our classes which feature sacadas. Sacadas are displacements. They happen when one dance partner steps into the space just vacated by their dance partner. In tango, we use back, side, and forward sacadas.
  • Vals
    Vals is one of the rhythms that we dance to at Milongas (Tango Dance Parties). This class will focus on understanding the rhythm of Vals, how to incorporate your existing steps into Vals and new steps that fit nicely into Vals.
  • Rhythmic Tango
    These classes focus on dancing to the rhythmic and playful music of Edgardo Donato.