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Turn (Giro) to the Open Side of Embrace with Sacada

Synopsis: This class focuses on a Simple Turn to the Open Side of the Embrace with Man's Sacada.

Teachers: Clint Rauscher & Shelley Brooks

Video Demonstration:



Step 1: The man takes a Forward Cross to the Open Side of the Embrace while leading the  woman to take a Back Cross (MFC & WBC) and Leads the Woman to collect.
Step 2: He then leads the woman to an Open Step (WOS) with her Right while staying on his Right.
Step 3: He then leads her to take a Forward Cross while he steps in with his Left for a Sacada (MFC & WFC).
Step 4: He then stays on his Left, leaving his Right floating behind, while pivoting 180 degress and leading her to take an Open Step (WOS).
Step 5: He then steps forward with his Right with a Forward Cross (MFC) to the open side of the Embrace while leading her to take a Back Cross (WBC).

Tip: The man takes 3 steps and the woman takes 5 steps.
Tip: Many women want to change weight at step 2 instead of taking an open step. Between steps 1 and 2, the women simply collect, no weight change.
For the women, they want to stay in front of the man, so they user their default Giro/Turn (Molinete) technique to do so. This move uses their basic Giro technique... Their steps are Back, Open, Forward, Open, Back. They default to their basic Giro/Turn technique.
Tip: At step 1, the man does not collect his feet but rather shifts his weight over his Right foot which causes the woman to collect her feet. He waits until she has collected before he leads her to Step 2. He also stays with his upper body rotated towards the woman.
Tip: To begin step 2, the man rotates his body counter-clockwise staying on his Right foot. The follower wants to stay in front of him, so she defaults to her Giro Technique and takes an Open step.
Tip: The man will drops down slightly to ground himself when performing the sacada and should stay there for balance while pivoting 180 degrees to his left.
Tip 4: At the point of the Sacada, the man should start sending his upper body to his left away from the follower and then let his lower body catch up on step 5.