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Nuevo - Modern Tango

These series focuses on more modern tango concepts and/or dancing to more modern electronic and alternative tango music.

  • Soltadas from Back Cross: Part 1
    In this class we looked at Soltadas from the back cross. Soltadas are releases of the embrace. We break our embrace temporarily to perform a soltada.
  • Soltadas Part 2: Compression, Impulse and Expansion
    This class was the second in our series on Soltadas. We focused on building compression within the embrace and using an impulse to create expansion. As always, this video does not cover everything we talked about in the class, but tries to cover some of the major concepts. We also discussed how these concepts can be applied to our more traditional tango.
  • Colgadas I
    A Colgada is when the woman is lead completely off of her vertical axis to lean away from the man. The man also leans back to counter-balance the woman. In this class we will look at Back Colgadas, Side Colgadas and Single-Axis Turns while in Colgada.
  • Split Weight Moments I
    In tango, each step has a beginning, middle, and end. There is a moment in the middle when our weight is evenly distributed between both legs. We can use that moment to create some very interesting possibilities.
  • Nuevo Bluesy Tango Parts 1 & 2
    This video covers two classes worth of material. The first was on finding the middle part of each step and being able to shift her weight back and forth between her legs without resolving the step, until we are ready. In the second class, we look at forward & back sacadas for the leaders and forward sacadas for the followers.
  • Nuevo Bluesy Tango Part 3: Twisty Ganchos
    Twisty Ganchos
  • Paradas and Barridas in Close Embrace
    This was our second week of looking at split weight moments. Most all split weight moments involve a parada since we are at least temporarily pausing at the moment in the exact middle of our step. At that moment we can shift weight to a new leg or back to the leg we just left.