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Advanced Tango Classes

Our Advanced level Tango video lessons focus on advanced concepts in Tango, Milonga and Vals. These classes focus on advanced musicality, choreography and techniques.

  • Volcadas
    A volcada (tilt, to tip over) is when the leader and follower both lean forward, off-axis, into one another. This is also referred to as in carpa (tent).
  • Steps for the Social Dance Floor
    This series of classes focuses on popular steps for use on the social dance floor. We have compiled a list of popular moves that we have seen used by some of the very best Argentine Tango Dancers. If you travel to Argentina and visit some of the milongas, you will see these moves being used by the Milongueros.
  • Single Axis Turns
    A single axis turn would be where all 3 axes combine at a common point and turn together. Single axis turns often have a feeling of spinning and also of colgada, leaning out from the common center.
  • Nuevo - Modern Tango
    These series focuses on more modern tango steps and also dancing to more modern tango music.
  • Barrida to Cruzada with Different Exits
    A Barrida (a sweep, a drag) is the dragging of a partner’s free leg during a Caminata (walk) or Giro (turn).
  • Turn (Giro) to the Open Side of the Embrace from Cross System
    This class focuses on a Turn to the Open Side of the Embrace starting from Cross System on the Close Side of the Embrace. As embellishments, we looked at a forward circular boleo for the woman and back cruzadas for the man when getting into and out of cross system.
  • Turn (Giro) to the Open Side of Embrace with Sacada
    This class focuses on a Simple Turn to the Open Side of the Embrace with Man's Sacada.