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Tango Cruise with Clint to the Bahamas Feb 1 to Feb 6, 2018

Join us for a 5 Day Tango Cruise from Charleston, SC to the Bahamas from February 1 to February 6, 2018 on Carnival Cruise Lines.

-- Update 4/26/2017 -- 
We currently have 31 people signed up for the cruise with minimal promotion. And we just updated the schedule with the ships approval.

We will have at least 3 hours of dancing per day including milongas each night and classes in the afternoons when we are at sea. Right now the official schedule is: 

February 1st - Thursday
10pm to 2am - Milonga in the Starlight Lounge

Fevruary 2nd - Friday
12pm to 2pm - Workshop and Practice in the Starlight Lounge
12am to 3am - Milonga in the Starlight Lounge

Fevruary 3rd - Saturday
12am to 3am - Milonga in the Starlight Lounge

Fevruary 4th - Sunday
12am to 3am - Milonga in the Starlight Lounge

Fevruary 5th - Monday
12pm to 2pm - Workshop and Practice in the Starlight Lounge
12am to 3am - Milonga in the Starlight Lounge

*** PLEASE READ: The above is the official schedule approved by the ship. Once we are on the ship, we will look for other locations, such as decks, etc where we might can hold impromptu get togethers and dance. Also, depending on what the final schedule is of the ship, we mgiht be able to start earlier or go later for some of the events above.. BUT the above should be guaranteed.


The number to call to register is 800-764-7419 ext. 70232. The group name is "Tango with Clint" and the group booking number is "5XT4Q3" After booking is done contact customer service with any questions at 800-764-7419 ext. 70480. 

The cost is:

PLUS taxes ($110), insurance ($49), and Milonga/Class fee ($40 until July 1st at which time it will go up to $60). The milonga fee is to pay room booking fees for the dances and classes and to help the ogranizers offset their fees.

Everything is payable to Carnival, except the $40 milonga/class fee which can be paid within a week of registering with the cruise line:

Tango Cruise Milongas & Classes

I really hope that you can join us and this would also be a great time to bring a significant other or family or friends, they can enjoy the ship while we dance.

This cruise is not listed on their website yet, but you can view the information about earlier cruises on this same ship here: https://www.carnival.com/itinerary/5-day-bahamas-cruise/charleston/ecstasy/5-days/baw

Also, join the discussion and let everyone know when you are registered on the Official Facebook Event Page.

If you have additional questions you can contact Clint at clint@tangology101.com or 404-931-2455.


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