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06/09/2012 at 11:55 PM in blog folder icon Tango Classes
Clint Rauscher and Shelley Brooks
Song: "Hasta Siempre Amor" by Carlos di Sarli canta Horacio Casares

In this class, we start by walking with the leaders changing weight without leading the women to change weight. Then we walk and switch to cross system and perform small sacadas as we walk.

Walking Sacada to Giro with Enrosque (:39 of video)
After the walking sacada to the open side of the embrace, the man takes a side step with his right and leads the woman to a forward cross with her right. Then the man sends his right leg behind his left while leading the woman to pivot and perform another forward cross. The man then pivots on both feet (enrosque, corkscrew) while leading the woman to a side and then back cross. At her back cross, he switches weight to his left eg and then exits to a cruzada for the woman in cross system.

Tip: When the man sends his left leg back, behind himself, it should hit at approximately the same time the woman's left leg hits the ground for her second forward cross.

Tip: After the enrosque, the man should switch weight to his left at about the same time as the woman's left leg hits the ground for her back cross.

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Tags: caminata (walking) , cruzada (cross) , enrosques , giros , molinete , sacadas


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